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This page gives you an overview on all Texas Funeral releases and demos. You can listen to some sample tracks or view the lyrics if available. If you click on a track, your browser is forced to download the file (it might give you the choice to play it with your favourite media player). We suggest using iTunes to play the songs. All songs are royalty-free.

In the case you're looking for more songs, please check our MP3 Page.

2005 Loose
01Appetite Unpleased5:54
02The White God8:52
03Chick in a G String4:55 
04Too High To Die6:02 
06Rather be Dead4:16 
07See You in Hell6:19 
08Monkey on my Back6:45 
09Monkey on my Back (alternate)5:41 
11Unnamed (no lyrics yet)3:35 
12Unnamed too (no lyrics yet)3:40 
13Unnamed three, not so good (no lyrics yet)3:40 
13Alien Space Battle (no lyrics yet)4:45 
14Obi-Wan killed your father3:53 
Primitive Scream (2004)
2004 Primitive Scream
Studio EP
01Elemental Evil3:20sample
02Primitive Scream3:21full song
03Crackbrain Acidhead Superhero3:51sample
04Life's A Bitch3:30sample
05Cornerstone Jam5:30sample
NEWPlace Unknown (Unmastered)3:30full song

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